tips to save money on groceries each month

This is how you save money on groceries

Grocery shopping is necessary, but it doesn’t exactly make your bank account very happy – or you, when you see how much you have to spend at check out. When you try to think of a way to economize you always conclude that you need all of the things you’ve put in your cart. Sound familiar? Try “smart” shopping by following the tips below!

Keep an eye out for good deals: It can be annoying to find heaps of flyers and leaflets in your mailbox, but don’t throw them in the bin straight away! Go through the flyers from your local supermarkets – you might find out your favorite laundry detergent is on sale in another supermarket than the one you usually go to. This can save you quite some money!

Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re tired or hungry: When you’re tired or hungry, you want to be done with your shopping as quickly as possible. Instead of looking for the cheapest product, you’ll be much more inclined to just grab the first one you and be done with it. That’s why it’s better to only go shopping when you’ve got enough time and energy.

Pay attention to quantities: A packaging that contains 200 grams might be cheaper than one that contains 400 grams in absolute terms. Is it cheaper in relative terms as well, though?

Don’t get blinded by deals: Sometimes a deal sounds so good you start stocking up enthusiastically right away. This might result in you buying products you don’t even like that much or ones you don’t have any use for. That’s a pity and much more of a waste than if you buy expensive products.

Use a basket instead of a cart: We know we just advised you not to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, but we also know that’s just not always possible. When you’re hungry, you’ll want to buy all kinds of yummy snacks. That’s why it’s smart to only take a basket; that way, you won’t buy too many products at a time.

Go to discount supermarkets: Stores like Aldi or Lidl will do just as well when it comes to fruit and vegetables as the more expensive stores. And it’s so much cheaper.

Go to a Tokyo or Asian supermarket: You can find the most amazing products for hardly any money at all at the Asian supermarket.

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