kfc famous bowl casserole



Home made kfc famous bowl casserole is what’s for dinner 🤩 it’s SO GOOD!
Super easy!
Instant mashed potatoes
Frozen (raw) breaded chicken tenders
1-2 cans whole kernel corn
2 packets brown gravy mix
1 bag shredded cheese
Preheat oven to 350
I pop my chicken tenders in for 5-10 mins just enough to thaw enough so I can chop them into chunks
Cook instant mashed potatoes
Cook brown gravy mix
Spray baking dish with butter spray
Put mashed potatoes in dish
Spread corn over potatoes
Spread chicken chunks
Drizzle brown gravy over top
Bake 40 mins
Top with shredded cheese and bake additional 5-10 mins until cheese is melted
I always drizzle extra gravy in our individual bowls. Yum!!

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